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Self Employed.

If you are running your own business, managing cash flow is very difficult. If you are facing same then hit the below "Apply Now" button and get up to $5k.

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Due to minimal assets, many college students are not able to pay their educational expenses. Breathe a little easier, and stop struggling financially by apply here!

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Job Seeker.

If you are searching for a new job then you definitely want money. Good news is this that some lenders are offer loan to those who are unemployed. Apply Today!

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We believe that payday loans are a matter of mutual trust.

Some Major Reasons

  • Quick Approved
    Quick Approved
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    From $100-$5000
  • Industry-Lowest-Rates
    Industry Lowest Rates

Become one of the 30k+ customers who trust Payday Wish for their money needs!

Welcome to Payday Wish, a new era in short term lending. We are here to introduce a new concept in which we are offer payday loans for bad credit people. Our services help all those borrowers who want quick cash with minimum norms with no hassle. Meeting financial goals always need money, and we are here to help you by making your financial journey painless.

Nowadays, we see that most of the payday lenders application process is difficult, might have hidden or extra fees, and are with stiff payment terms. All these factors make the reputation of payday loans bad, and people are not fully enjoying the benefits of it. Payday Wish and our lenders are trying to make everything simple and easy as possible.

Why We're Different From Others?

We all know that short term payday loan companies have not earned a good reputation. Anytime searching for a payday loan on Google, and you can see lots of news about bad business practices of such nasty payday lenders. Yes, we admit that there are few sharks that must be avoided when you are in need of short term personal loans. But it is not meant that all are working the same as these loan sharks.

Thankfully, websites like Payday Wish are working with trustworthy and responsible lenders only. We put our customers on first priority and lower our profit margin because we want a long term relationship with them. We just hope that you never use us once; our flawless and great loan services will force you to choose us again when money needed.

Before setting up, we did deeply analysis the feedback of those customers who already have experience with other loan firms. Do you know what we got? In most of the customer's feedback, they wanted a loan service that can be easily and quickly accessible without inconvenience. So we take all the feedback seriously and decided to make a perfect loan service for all.

Some FAQs

Quickest and Easiest Application Process

The concept behind introducing same day payday loans is to provide instant funds to the borrower. Our customers come from different financial backgrounds and situations. They all are choosing us because of our convenient loan application and quick funding. Some payday loan lenders not understand the feelings of customers and make the application process difficult, which takes much time in loan approval.

At Payday Wish, we introduce faxless payday loans in which you don't need to make phone calls or fax your documents for verification. All you need to fill our simple online application form and choose the amount of money that you want to borrow from us. Simple as you think!

Most Flexible Loans Are Here

We all live a practical life, and that's why we need practical loan options, right? For instance, if you need $200 to pay your water bill; or $500 for the payment of rent then, why you borrow $1000? Be smart by choosing our flexible payday loans where you can borrow money from $100 up to S5000, as per your requirements.

Exclusive Payday Loans USA

One of the best things about is that it is incorporated with USA based lenders only. Unlike other lenders showing over the internet who have their head offices all over the world, you will happy to know that we are working from your neighbourhood. Having partnered with USA payday loans direct lenders, you can more trust on us, and it can help us to provide you quickest loan services.

Payday Loans With Bad Credit Are Available

If you have bad credit, then it might be a big problem for you. Unexpected medical expenses and unemployment might leave you into financial hardship. But the main problem arises when you apply for a loan, and the lender rejects your application due to your bad credit status. They even not consider your current financial situation.

We are different from them and understand that every borrower cannot maintain a perfect credit score. Finding a lender that accepts bad creditors is like a mammoth task. At, we understand the fact that life can give us a surprise anytime. Sometimes we face unexpected financial requirements in which the only loan seems a visible source of cash.

This is why we offer payday loans with bad credit to imperfect credit scorer as well as avail to those who have a flawless credit score. Our lenders do not judge the applicants based on their credit score, they approve a loan based on borrower's financial ability. And yes, we are not here to do false advertising by showing "No Credit Check Loans", and we will just perform "Soft Search" just to ensure that the provided details are correct or not. And this action will not harm your credit score more, so feel free to apply!

No Credit Check Payday Loans - Why It So In Demand?

What are no credit check loans?

No credit check loan: is a type of loan in which lender doesn't check the creditworthiness of the borrower, based on their credit history.

Why no credit check loans are high in demand?

The boom in demand for no credit check payday loans is because most people don't have a perfect credit score. Lenders do not approve of the loan of those who have an imperfect credit score. This is why such bad creditors are looking for no credit check loans.

Are no credit check loans safe?

Yes, but no credit check loans are now offered by both legitimate and predatory lenders. You can easily distinguish between them by checking their rate, term, and repayment policies.

Can i get payday loans with no credit check?

Online payday loans no credit check are perfect cash solution for those who have been rejected to borrow money due to their low credit score. Instead of performing a hard credit check, these lenders only check your information like your bank account, address, current salary, etc. You can get up to $5000 without checking your past credit history.

No Fuss, Easy Approval- Guaranteed!

We hope that you won't find a better option than Payday Wish™. The money you are requested will be in your bank account within 15 minutes. Our application form is simple and designed to make easy to access. You can easily connect with thousands of trustworthy payday loan lenders in the USA that increase your chance of loan approval.

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